Affordable, Reliable Small Business Answering Service For $39/Month

Small business operatorDoes you ever feel like your small business misses out on sales because it can’t answer every telephone call that it receives? If you’re not using a reliable phone answering service, you’re probably right.

There are solutions available to avoid this type of costly problem. By signing up for our phone answering service, small businesses are able to steer clear of missing the calls made by potential clients. Our service is also a great way to maintain a strong sense of professionalism, and in today’s society, being as professional as possible is key in being able to stay in business.

All small businesses will benefit from remembering that first impressions are very important. When a potential customer calls a business for the first time, he or she does not want to be put on hold or talk to an answering machine.

A majority percent of people steer clear of leaving messages. Instead, they prefer to be connected to a live representative.

In an age of ever-faster communications, fewer people have time for voice mail – The Boston Globe

Businesses using our answering services can rest assured that all of their calls will be handled in a professional manner. Clients can rest assured that they are being provided effective and efficient customer service, which of course helps ensure that the clients will continue conducting transactions with the business.

Here’s how we can help your small business:

  • Never miss a call
  • Have phone calls answered even when traveling
  • Customized greetings and collected information
  • Call overflow management
  • Keep track of service and sales leads to improve follow-up

All small businesses need to remember that answering services can benefit them to some extent. No matter the industry that they operate in, phone answering services will ensure that a call never goes missed, which can help increase profit levels and keep current customers happy and leads coming in.