Quality Answering Service for Attorneys and Legal Offices

Lawyers Working on ContractsAttorneys specializing in family law, personal injury, malpractice, bankruptcy cases or any other field within the legal profession, would benefit by using our US-based answering service.

Our legal answering service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to eliminate these concerns, letting you focus on what you do best: serving your clients.

Why Does a Lawyer Need an Answering Service?

Our services can handle call overload during business hours to supplement your receptionist’s services. But you already have a dynamic receptionist, you say? Consider this example:

Client A calls your office and begins a conversation with your receptionist. While Client A is on the phone, several other clients call at once, and either receive a busy signal, or are directed to voice mail. Potential Client B does not want to leave a message, so he or she hangs up and phones the next attorney on list.

You’ve lost a client, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever know.

That’s where we come in. Call overflow will be directed to our call center during normal business hours, offering a friendly voice to your potential clients. Said clients will leave a message which will be automatically forwarded to you, giving you an opportunity to gain a client you would’ve inadvertently passed on to someone else.

That’s just one of the benefits you’ll reap with Flat Answering Service — all starting at $39 per month.

Technology versus Real Human Operators

Even though technological advances have made it possible for law offices to buy equipment that answers their busy telephone lines when the office is closed, electronic devices cannot compare with live employees. A client feels more satisfied and reassured when a real human voice responds to a concern.

An Answering Service Means that an Attorney Never Misses a Call

A lawyer who shuts down the law office during lengthy lunch breaks risk losing potential clients if these individuals do not have access to a professional attorney answering service. A client always has the option to contact another law office. Consequently, the law office that has a more professional approach to answering telephone calls may impress prospective clients enough to cause them to make appointments for initial consultations.

Answering Service Employees Make Appointments

One of the activities an attorney’s office needs to address involves making appointments with clients. Most folks do not want to wait until employees return from their lunch breaks to make these appointments. It is convenient for a client to have the ability to make an appointment at any hour of the day or night. A person in a legal crisis situation may not have the stamina or patience to wait until the office opens the next morning. Our professional answering service operator can make an appointment for an anxious individual who needs to consult with a lawyer right away.

Traditional Message Takers

Of course, the one special feature of an attorney answering service is that real employees take down and relay messages from clients. A voice mail substitution does not exist for this type of service. An answering service operator can soothe the nerves of a client who is upset about a pending legal separation, divorce or hearing by simply taking down the client’s message.

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An Attorney Cannot Afford to Lose One Client

Whether an attorney is a recent college graduate or an experienced lawyer, the missed opportunity to lose a valuable client is a serious loss. If the attorney misses too many telephone calls due to a poorly managed law office, the results can lead to the loss of several potentially important clients. Besides the aspect of money, an attorney wants to build a loyal clientele. An attorney can pay a small monthly fee to make sure that every prospective client’s telephone call is handled in a professional manner.

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