Answering Services for Insurance Agents

Why Insurance Agents Need an Answering Service

Insurance agents and agencies in various industries, including those in homeowners, automobile and health insurance, can’t afford to miss any calls from prospective clients.

Naturally, this poses a problem when existing and potential clients try to reach out during non-business hours.

Services for insurance agentsWith our answering service, insurance agents never have to miss a call again.

Although an answering service will not have the authorization to close an account, sell a policy or file a claim, they will be able to gather the information from the caller, potentially keeping the client-to-be from shopping elsewhere.

Let’s have a look at an example:

Auto Insurance Example

Potential client A calls an auto insurance agent during non-business owners. The caller is greeted by a non-personal voicemail recording, and proceeds to leave a scattered message — if the agent is lucky. The problem is people generally do not like leaving voicemail messages. They would prefer to talk to a human.

Our staff can handle your call and record the exact information you need from the client. So if you’re an auto insurance agent, you can automatically collect the information you need to work up a quote for the client. This will ultimately speed up the process, allowing you to make one call to the client instead of multiple calls.

Not only is our answering service good for your clients, but it’s also good for you, as it can help you stay organized.

The same principles apply to various other insurance industries, including life and health, property and casualty and homeowners’ insurance.

The insurance industry is competitive — and with so many agents, potential clients have no reason to wait to get in touch with you. Connecting them with a human rather than a recorded voicemail greeting, can ultimately make them feel heard, which reduces the chances of them calling other agents while waiting for you to return their call.

US-based answering service graphicWorried about a third-party interacting with your existing and potential clients? Don’t be. Our service is based in the United States, which eliminates the communication gap often found with low-cost answering services.

Get started today for just $39 per month. If you’d prefer to dip your toes in the water before starting, check out our 7-day free trial.